Universe Conspires

I have been jumbling my thoughts for a perfect entry post to this tech baby yet, most of the time, the sheet always ends up blank. In contrast to the past few months that took shape that of a roller-coaster, this domain has remained stagnant. It’s about time to move it, move it!

From @wisdomfeed IG

And then I stumbled into this message. What could be more fitting as a numero uno blog than this quote as a constant reminder of a beautiful life! In spite of creatures undermining the world of blogging and my capabilities to thrive in it, it’s overwhelming to realize that people I personally know and even those I barely had connections with believe in the craft and my skills.


I accept the universe’s challenge to wield my being to its full potential. ★


‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

This is Gypsy Esprit throwing herself into the thrill of the unknown. Now signing in. 

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